Let it go

I took a look back on my Facebook feed. Looks like Facebook is trying to make it really easy for us to look at our old embarrassing photos and status updates. Look what you did today two years ago, go back to 2009 on your timeline. Can we just all agree to stop talking about 2009. Great.
Only a few years back seems like a lifetime ago. Seems like a different person. My timeline was packed with people who I don’t exactly know anymore. Today there only seem to be a few. I let go of a lot of people in the past couple of years because it just didn’t work out. I felt like a lot of relationships didn’t serve me anymore… and I don’t meen that in a selfish, the world revolves arout me, way. I used to think that I was a bad person if I don’t fight and care for the friendships in my life, but I finally learned that you don’t have to hold on to people who bring negativity in your life and just do nothing for your growth. People change and sometimes they stop resonating with you. Maybe they have different goals ar different world views that just don’t agree with yours, but anyways, if you stop trying to force a relationship it can be better for everyone involved. That doesn’t change the beautiful memories you might have with that person.
I also see how much I have changed. I didn’t just let go of people, but also of mindsets. Some people, even those close to me, won’t accept my beliefs and that’s fine, but I don’t have to justify myself and everything I do. I used to have this fixed idea of how life should look like and knew what other people had planed for me and what was expected of me. If you give up the fixed idea you have of what life should look like, you are open for all the possibilities. And I’m not saying having a vision is bad, but sometimes life will trow something at you and if you can catch it the outcome may be better than your original path. You may think you know where you’re going, but you don’t and there’s no way of knowing where you’ll be in ten years looking back.


Global Goals

Good evening from the world of no internet connection. How did humanity survive before the year 2000?
Anyway, if the connection cooperates for a few minutes I would like to share something.
The Global Goals campaign. You might have already seen it, if you haven’t definitely check out the link. World leaders have created 17 goals to make the world better, now it is up to everyone to share them, get involved, informed and get the goverments working.
All of them are important to adress and I don’t know which one to wrire about, but I think I will pick nuber 8.
Decent work and economic growth. Being from a country raid with corruption where I will probably not be able to find work, I can identify with what it’s like not to have oportunity.
A world without poverty and inequality seems like an utopia, but we are capeable of changing things, step by step. As long as you know that it is posible for things to get better, you can move forward.

La vida es un carnaval, and everybody wears a mask.

Life is a carneval edited

“She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.”
― Shel Silverstein, Every Thing on It


Writing101- Take a cue from your readers.
Because I noticed my drawings are the most comented on. This is a old one I did.

Fangirl tales.

One thing you should know about me is that I am not capable of liking anything. I either get obsessed with it and let it completely consume my life or I don’t like it at all.

That being said, you can imagine that movies, books, music etc. have always had a big impact on me. Here’s a little list of some of the most memorable things that had an impact on me.

P!nk- Conversations with my 13 year old self. When I stumble across one of her emotional songs I’m back to my 13 year old self confused and crying in my room. How could you describe me so well? She will always be my strong role model. You can be tough even though you are vulnerable.

Linkin Park- Valentine’s day. In eight grade I heard a song on the radio and fell in love. Damn that day. Thanks to that, a year later I met a boy…back when you would still bond over music because it was the most important think to ask people. Two years after that, I got my heart broken, as you do. That’s the story of why the best way to piss me of is to play a LP song. For a long time if you asked me what I would like to forget about my past it would be that story, but even though it was painful I don’t think so anymore because the painfull stuff helped shape the person I am today.

“People always leave”- Peyton Sawyer, who by the way is the coolest person ever.I wanted to be Peyton Sawyer, black Converse and all. Living in a teenage drama town like One tree hill, was the dream. Thanks to that I became a music geek and my playlist would often be a mix of all genres, r’n’b next to heavy metal next ro reggae. My room had a different color every month (sorry mum) and I will forever love that show because it inspired me to start exploring art.

“One preson’s craziness is another person’s reality.” – Tim Burton. He was a great inspiration for a long time, along with Helena Bonham Carter and their adopted child- Johnny Depp. Because of them, I fell in love with movies and it made me consider the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of movie making. They also taught me that being a little weird is perfectly fine. My andmirarion can also be seen here:  


If you're a fan you'll know


Or equals three. Or the first youtube show I ever watched. I met my best friend because of bonding over that show. To most people those are just silly videos, but to me it opened a whole new way to see the world over the internet. And not just fun videos and fighting in the comment section but a way to share and hear personal stories. There is a sense of community and an opportunity to learn about each other that wasn’t present before. We have endless information about anything, so if you have internet connection, being ignorant is really a choice.

That was only a few honorable mentions and there are many more things I generally fan girl about, which we could maybe discuss in a later post. I may not like some of those things anymore but at one point they helped shape me as a person and this deep impact it can have is really the importance of art.

Coffe o’clock

“This morning,
with her,
having coffee.”

– Johnny Cash, when asked for his description of paradise.

What I enjoy about having coffee is not the coffee. It’s that little time out, that little moment you get for yourself before you have to rush to work. Or that moment you share with a friend sitting in a coffee shop. That little moment that feels like time is moving slower and everything is going to be just fine.

In response to the Writing101 assignment. I didn’t have inspiration for a longer post.

Letter to my depressed self

Dear depressed procrastinating me,

This is sane me talking, you know, the part of us that likes to think I got my stuff figured out. I see you laying in the bed at 2 AM or 8 AM and not wanting to get up, not feeling good enoung. I know what you’re thinking about. Is it even worth it? Why should I even try accomplishing anything, it won’t matter to anyone. Pants are overrated, I’ll just watch TV shows all day.

You know what? You’re a selfish bitch. Because every time you feel like taking control and letting go, not accomplishing things, you make a mess which I have to fix. You leave me behind my scheduled, tasks i have to finish and often don’t succeed. But I am tired of always fighting with you, so this time, I’m just going to say: ‘please’. Please get out of bed, please make yourself do something, even just a little something and please think of me. The me that actually has hopes and dreams that are maybe to big. The me that isn’t fine with just existing, that doesn’t want to die before 25, figuratively or litteraly.

Please, we have enough things to worry about, we can’t be fighting with ourselves.

Learn how to see / Quotes

To develop a complete mind: study the science of art; study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo da Vinci

When I was younger I wanted to become a surgeon. Today I’m grateful I didn’t go down that road, mostly because… well school. Anyways, I wanted to know everything about the human body and I would always research anatomy. I even drew myself a skeleton which is still on my wall. Everyone say hi to Buddy. And please be nice to him, I was just staring to draw back then.


As I was also interested in art and history, secret societies and all, I stumbeled acros Leonardo da Vinci.  He surely was a colorful personality back in the day.A mathematical genius, he supposedly had the idea for every invention ever made. He could write with both of his hands. He had a fabulous beard. He was vegetarian. There is a ninja turtel namad after him and we don’t even have to mention his art. Lastly, he had a liking to digging up corpes and disecting them. Actually, modern medicine has a lot to thank to his sketches.

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

Think about how our bones are connected, how your muscles move them. Every nerve is connected so that we can experience taste, sound, sight. Every atom is and has function. A human is a precisely engineered organism, just like nature itself. When you look at a leaf, you can see how all of its veins connect and you could trace them all the way back to the roots of the tree. Leonardo was a big advocate of art being inspired by nature. It isn’t just painters and photographers, whole buildings can be modeled to resemble nature, all the way down to it’s structural elements. You can see it in science too. Airplanes that imitate the flight of birds, mathematical formulas to describe the spirals on a snail. The same spirals and geometrical laws that can be find in the composition of paintings.
In order to draw a better picture of the human body, you have to know it’s anatomy. There is a profound connection between science and art and inspiration and knowledge often come from unexpected places.

Honestly, I am not completely sure if Leonardo da Vinci actually said ths quote because you can find a lot on the Internet and apparently Albert Einstein also said a lot of things, but I think it doesn’t really matter. It is the idea behind it that matters. The fact thet so many people can be touched and inspired by a few well arranged words is truly astonishing.