Global Goals

Good evening from the world of no internet connection. How did humanity survive before the year 2000?
Anyway, if the connection cooperates for a few minutes I would like to share something.
The Global Goals campaign. You might have already seen it, if you haven’t definitely check out the link. World leaders have created 17 goals to make the world better, now it is up to everyone to share them, get involved, informed and get the goverments working.
All of them are important to adress and I don’t know which one to wrire about, but I think I will pick nuber 8.
Decent work and economic growth. Being from a country raid with corruption where I will probably not be able to find work, I can identify with what it’s like not to have oportunity.
A world without poverty and inequality seems like an utopia, but we are capeable of changing things, step by step. As long as you know that it is posible for things to get better, you can move forward.


7 thoughts on “Global Goals

  1. oneta hayes says:

    World wide goals. Accomplished by governments. Responsible governments can only be by responsible people. Responsible individuals are becoming more and more rare. Sounds like you are one who is ready to be responsible. Keep the vision. Maybe I need to start with curfew. I have an awful time going to bed and getting up on time. I’ll vote for the other guy! Boy, this is a downer. Sorry. I agree with the goal. I just think it has to start locally. Preferably in the heart of man.

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  2. Ron Nilson says:

    Thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware of this particular effort. I’m going to take a closer look, but it appears to fit with several current movements to transform global consciousness, which have been gaining steam but haven’t gotten much attention from the popular media. Looks interesting.

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