Let it go

I took a look back on my Facebook feed. Looks like Facebook is trying to make it really easy for us to look at our old embarrassing photos and status updates. Look what you did today two years ago, go back to 2009 on your timeline. Can we just all agree to stop talking about 2009. Great.
Only a few years back seems like a lifetime ago. Seems like a different person. My timeline was packed with people who I don’t exactly know anymore. Today there only seem to be a few. I let go of a lot of people in the past couple of years because it just didn’t work out. I felt like a lot of relationships didn’t serve me anymore… and I don’t meen that in a selfish, the world revolves arout me, way. I used to think that I was a bad person if I don’t fight and care for the friendships in my life, but I finally learned that you don’t have to hold on to people who bring negativity in your life and just do nothing for your growth. People change and sometimes they stop resonating with you. Maybe they have different goals ar different world views that just don’t agree with yours, but anyways, if you stop trying to force a relationship it can be better for everyone involved. That doesn’t change the beautiful memories you might have with that person.
I also see how much I have changed. I didn’t just let go of people, but also of mindsets. Some people, even those close to me, won’t accept my beliefs and that’s fine, but I don’t have to justify myself and everything I do. I used to have this fixed idea of how life should look like and knew what other people had planed for me and what was expected of me. If you give up the fixed idea you have of what life should look like, you are open for all the possibilities. And I’m not saying having a vision is bad, but sometimes life will trow something at you and if you can catch it the outcome may be better than your original path. You may think you know where you’re going, but you don’t and there’s no way of knowing where you’ll be in ten years looking back.


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